THE VALLEY BELOW is the first feature film from writer/director Kyle Thomas. After completing his BFA at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal, Thomas established NORTH COUNTRY CINEMA in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, with fellow Canadian filmmaker Alexander Carson. In recent years, Thomas has produced numerous award-winning short films and videos, many of which tell Western Canadian stories and explore Alberta's history and identity.


In 2011, Calgary filmmaker Cameron Macgowan joined NORTH COUNTRY CINEMA following the successful production of Thomas' acclaimed film Not Far From The Abattoir, a project focused on strong characters, intimate dialogue, and the haunting landscape of central Alberta's badlands. The success of Not Far From The Abattoir provided a solid creative launching pad for The Valley Below, a film that will explore similar characters and themes on a larger scale. Alexander Carson and Cameron Macgowan are excited to be partnering again as Producers with Kyle Thomas and Co-Producer Sara Corry for the creation of The Valley Below.